Date: 26/06/2015-28/06/2015
    Venue: Convention and Exhibition Center at The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel
    Organiser: Best Choice International Conference & Expo Company

    Since the ancient times, longevity and health have been human’s common vision. The national health, a worldwide topic, has become a great industry which every country should take action in. Under the support of national policy, China’s health industry will usher in the golden period of development.

    In 2015, with the spirit of healthy and enjoyable life, World Health Industry Expo, relying on the market and advantageous resources, will keep going to create the highest level of communication platform, make new exploration for human health, promote health industry steadily forward as well as guide the healthy concept of new life. Meanwhile, World Health Industry Expo will provide great brands and enterprises over the world with a platform to compete, enhance international status and influence on health industry through combing with the favorable conditions and factors in Macau’s development, attracting talents in health industry, bringing in global brands, technology, talents and service.

    We will integrate all good-quality resource sand advantages, increase expo’s popularity and influence sharply, improve people’s healthy quality, offer exhibitors and buyers an effective and high-quality platform for trading and communicating to realize multi-wins.

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